A Special Invitation To 

The Scaling Summit 2020

Exclusively Designed for Dentists Who Want to Scale Their Practices
September 4th and 5th, 2020
Brisbane, Australia



2 short days. 1 huge leap for your practice (and your life!)

If you are a successful dentist but still feel trapped by the hours and obligations demanded by your practice, this event is a MUST ATTEND.

You will get access to a step-by-step SCALING framework which will help you

  • Power up your teams
  • Streamline your systems
  • Boost your bottom line
  • Leverage your time
  • Allow you to create a practice that isn’t reliant 100% on you being there!

What is the ONE thing that every successful dentist practice owner does that no one else does?


And scaling is much more than just being profitable…

A practice that scales is efficient, run with smart systems and high-performance teams.

A practice that scales releases you from the burden of being the sole revenue generator

A practice that scales gives you the freedom of time so you can fully enjoy your life 

But knowing HOW to scale is not obvious because it 

requires a different set of skills-and a new mindset

Thanks to the Scaling Summit conference, you no longer have to ‘guess’ how to create a fully leveraged, profitable practice

We will show you exactly how. In 2 short days. 

Why You Should Attend the Summit

Our 2020 Scaling Summit will provide you with the framework, the information, the inspiration and the practical tools to help you SCALE-Guaranteed!

We will pull the curtain back and give you a complete step-by-step Scaling Framework.

Each lecture, guest speaker and breakout session has been carefully selected to give you deeper insights into the individual steps of our proprietary system.

Unlike so many other conferences, our summit won’t be a ‘hodge podge’ of random topics but a coherent blend of strategy and tactics around ONE topic-Scaling.

You will walk away with a proven scaling formula that you can implement with ease.

All of this at an exclusive 5-star location surrounded by fellow ‘dentalpreneurs’ and an impressive roster of world-class speakers.

2 short days. 1 huge leap for your practice (and your life!)

Where Will The Event Be Held?

The conference will be held at the award-winning Sofitel Brisbane Central, 
a luxury 5-star hotel located in the heart of Brisbane.

Who are the speakers? 

Steve Waugh

Considered the most successful Test captain in cricket history, Waugh led Australia to victory in the 1999 Cricket World Cup and to 15 of their world-record 16 consecutive Test wins between 1997-2004.

Steve Waugh is not only an extraordinary cricketer, but also a sensitive and warm human being who works tirelessly to help the needy.

His philanthropy includes his patronage of the Udayan children’s home in India and the Steve Waugh Foundation which supports children battling rare diseases in Australia.

At the Summit, he will share his insights on how to build and lead a Class A team. 

Dr Nauv Kashyap

Dr Nauv Kashyap graduated from the University of QLD in 2006 and began private practice in Brisbane, immediately upon graduation.

He purchased his first dental practice in 2008 with around 2500 patients on the books and approximately $400k yearly turnover. That practice now has approximately 23,000 patients on the books and will turnover around $4 million in the next 12 months. Nauv has also started a further 10 successful dental practices in the midst of tough competition and a challenging dental market. He has also acquired a number of practices. He continues to find opportunities for successful startups and takeovers even through a saturated dental market.

Dr Nauv Kashyap is the founder of Practice Ownership Consulting, Australia’s first dedicated consulting business to help employee/associate dentists explore practice ownership opportunities. He has a unique ability to relate to his clients’ situations and provide expert advice built from a decade of real-world experience in a saturated dental environment. He has been helping dentists transition into ownership with some excellent results. Many dentists have relied on him to provide expert guidance as they take on the challenges of ownership.

He is passionate about strategy as it applies to business and particularly dental practice ownership.

Colin D Ellis

The author of Culture Fix: How to Create A Great Place To Work, Colin D. Ellis helps organizations create winning cultures in which great work can thrive.

He will share insights about the crucial role of culture in building self-managing teams.

Glen Carlson

Glen Carlson is the co-founder and global director of Dent Global, an award-winning training organization that runs business accelerators for entrepreneurs in the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia. Through its work, Dent has helped over 3000 companies become more visible, valuable and scalable.

He will teach us about his 24Assets® system and how to attract better clients, employees and investors by fine-tuning key assets in our practices.

Dr Ayesha Aijaz

A member of the Australian Dental Association and the International Association of Orthodontics, Dr. Aijaz will show us how she scaled her practice from low 6-figures to a 7+figure profit while working only 65 days a year.

2 short days. 1 huge leap for your practice (and your life!)

What You Will Learn During the Conference

During our 2-day event, we will give you a complete step-by-step Scaling System.
We will discuss how to:

  • 1
    Create A Solid Strategic Plan
    You will discover how to…
     • Focus your energies using a well-defined plan and priorities
     • Understand the ESSENTIAL elements of every winning strategy
     • Define your objectives clearly in order to assess risks and opportunities
     • View your practice holistically in order not to waste time on unimportant and distracting ‘bright shiny’ tactics

  • 2
    Develop Self-Managing teams
    We will explore…
    •The real reason why culture matters
    •How to cultivate a positive team culture (it’s easier than you think!)
    •The key leadership skills you need to successfully lead your team, with insights from Australia’s most successful cricket captain-Steven Waugh
    •The best way to handle toxic employees (and how to avoid employing them in the first place!) 
  • 3
    Build Assets and a Scalable Infrastructure
    In this section, we give you tangible insights on…
    •Why ‘making money’ may very well be killing your business (and why you should focus instead on asset creation)
    •The best way to manage critical financial margins and cash flow
    •The 24 crucial assets you will need to create a scalable infrastructure 
  • 4
    Implement Quickly and Effectively 
    We will unveil the secrets to successful execution of your strategic plan…
    •Finding time for everything
    •Creating accountability charts (vs. organizational charts)
    •Keeping track of the metrics that really matter
    Conquering the ‘inner game’ of business by overcoming mindset blocks

During the two days, we will also share 2 important case studies with you:

  • Case Study One:  Learn how to make $1Million working only 65 days a year
  • Case Study Two: Find out how to avoid the “Growth Trap”, the common mistakes that sometimes come with rapid growth

Is This Event Right For You? 

This event is ideal for you if you…

  • Already have a profitable practice and a proven business model
  • Are currently oversubscribed, dealing with more patients than you can handle
  • Make money with your practice, but it’s at the expense of your freedom
  • Want to develop your leadership skills and leverage your time using teams and systems  

2 short days. 1 huge leap for your practice (and your life!)

Who’s Dr. Jesse Green?

Australia’s Leading Dental Coach

Hi! It’s Dr. Jesse Green and I will be your host as well as one of the speakers at the Scaling Summit.

A dentist, coach and best-selling author, I have helped dozens of ambitious dentists play bigger, better and smarter in our hyper-competitive market.

Through my exclusive masterminds, I teach my elite clientele how to implement step-by-step systems that create high profits, happy patients and independent teams.

Importantly, the systems I teach are not ‘pie in the sky’ theory but are the result of decades in the trenches building several 7-figure practices as a dentist myself.

In fact, my mastermind clients consistently enjoy up to 100% revenue increases in as little as 12 months!

Most importantly, scaling is my area of expertise.

I’ve spent decades perfecting the framework I will be sharing with you at the Summit.

I can’t wait to show you how you too can scale your business without having to work 100+ hour weeks, sacrifice your personal health or time with family and friends. 

What Dentists Say About Dr. Jesse Green… 

"If you are ready to enjoy a level of income and quality of life you never imagined possible, you really need to be there. “I’ve never earned so much and worked so little. Working with Dr. Jesse Green is brilliant!”

Dr. G


“Before working with Jesse, I worked over 180 days a year and my profit was $350,000. Since working with Jesse, I now work just 65 days a year and take home over $1 million.”

Dr. A


“I have been able to increase my profit by over $150,000, structure my clinical days to provide for more family time and have been able to bring on another part time provider.”

Dr. Tom Te Kloot

Gold Coast

“We started working with Dr Green 10 months ago, and in this short time we have seen our revenue triple and our team and practice grow to a level where we can be confident of our future growth strategies. …I would recommend working with Jesse to any practice owner regardless of the stage of ownership

Dr. B


“Before working with Dr. Jesse Green, my days, nights and weekends were spent working in the business. I was tired, focusing on getting from one week to the next and really dreaming about the day when things were supposed to get easier...In the last 12 months I’ve managed to double my practice profit while reducing my clinical days. I currently only work 3 clinical days a week and spend 1 day working on the business. By the end of the year I’ll drop my clinical days to 2 without impacting on what I take home. I work smarter, not harder, giving me time to spend on the things I love outside of work.”

Dr. M


“I suppose that in Dentistry I like to under promise and over deliver. Well Jesse has done that for me in our coaching relationship since the very beginning. He is personable beyond your expectation and his knowledge depth of the business of Dentistry is unfathomable. He is a great gentleman who lives his talk and encourages others to do the same.”

Dr. Mark Miller


What’s the Investment?

Until April 30, 2020, the investment for the Scaling Summit is only 

$1,980 (Inc GST)

After that date, the price goes up to $2500 (Inc GST).

That’s 5 small dollars a day—less than a cup of coffee-to come to this extraordinary conference.

There’s never been an event like this.


One that is dedicated 100% to the topic of scaling dental practices.

One that brings together a star line-up of speakers (100+ years of collective experience) who are undisputed leaders in their field.

You aren’t going to want to miss this.

Press on the button below to secure your spot at the Early Bird Price.

We will look forward to seeing you there.

2 short days. 1 huge leap for your practice (and your life!)

Plus You Receive A Very Special Bonus

When you purchase your Scaling Summit ticket, you will also receive a 1-month COMPLIMENTARY trial to our exclusive Savvy Dentist Academy (a $450 value).

The Savvy Dentist Academy is an elite entrepreneurial community created for dentists who are looking to take their practice to the Next level and want to work faster and smarter.

Inside the Academy you will get easy-to-implement systems that will explode revenues, boost profitability, optimise team performance, help you leverage your time and service your patients with the highest quality care—not to mention give you access to dozens of industry discounts that will literally save you thousands every single month.